The Dean Oliver Trophy

The Dean Oliver Trophy commenced in 19.. when a massive stainless steel object was manufactured at a railway workshop somewhere in Sydney.  It filled a need for the governing body at the time to conduct a combined social competition for the Sydney based Sub Branches.

The event is contested annually over one day, usually during Mid February, among the four Sydney Based Metropolitan Zones.  Each Zone has the opportunity to host the event at a venue of their choice, and is on a rotational roster in order to share the logistics of conducting the event.

The format of play is a round robin of four teams Fours, where they accrue points that will eventually decide the winning Zone.

The Country Inter-Zone Carnival

The Carnival was inaugurated in 19.. to bring together the Country and Rural areas of NSW in the spirit of RSL bowls.

This event is conducted at or about the same time of year as the Dean Oliver Trophy.  Teams from the Northern Country Zones 5, 6, 7 & 8 gather at a venue for two days to contest for the bragging rights of the winning Country Zone.  It was determined in 2018 that Forster BC would be the host club, being the approximate geographic centre of all of the participating Zones.  The format is the same as the Dean Oliver.

The Presidents Trophy

The Presidents Trophy is played soon after the results of the Dean Oliver & Country Carnival are known.  The Zones meet at a mutually agreed venue usually about the geographic centre of their locations for the right to become the de-facto Club Champions within RSL bowls.

The National Carnival

This Carnival is the pinnacle of all RSL bowls played in Australia. All States, not Territories, are gathered together to contest the three Major Titles on offer.  The hosting is carried our on a rotational pre-determined roster of every State.

One of the Conditions of Play has an overriding rule that all participants must be financial Server Members of the RSL of Australia.

The Major Titles are;

The Jack Hamilton VC Trophy, where State teams are engaged in a round robin competition over the first two days, with a point score deciding the winning State.

The Dr. Sydney Krantz Memorial Trophy where one nominated team from each State also compete in a round robin to determine the winner.

The Sir Arthur Lee National Fours Trophy is conducted through sectional play so that a final series can identify the eventual winners.

Selection Trials and Trial Matches are played in the months leading up to the National Carnival to ensure that the best players are available to represent their State.

The overall competition runs for nine days and requires a high level of organizing to accommodate the influx of interstate visitors.